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The Ultimate Final Cleaning Checklist: Leaving No Dust Bunny Behind!

Are you gearing up to bid adieu to your old place and embark on a new adventure? Moving can be an exciting yet daunting task, with a myriad of details to attend to before you hand over the keys to your former abode. Among the crucial to-dos is ensuring that you leave your space spick and span for the next occupant.

To help you tackle this final hurdle with ease, we've compiled the ultimate final cleaning checklist. From top to bottom, we'll guide you through each area of your home, leaving no dust bunny behind!


  1. Appliances: Wipe down the exterior of all appliances, including the fridge, oven, microwave, and dishwasher.

  2. Countertops: Clean and sanitize countertops, ensuring there are no crumbs or spills left behind.

  3. Cabinets and Drawers: Empty, clean, and wipe down the insides of cabinets and drawers.

  4. Sink: Scrub the sink and faucet to remove any grime or water stains.

  5. Floor: Sweep and mop the floor, paying attention to corners and beneath appliances.

Living Room/Bedroom:

  1. Dust: Dust all surfaces, including furniture, shelves, and baseboards.

  2. Windows and Mirrors: Clean windows and mirrors with a streak-free glass cleaner.

  3. Vacuum: Vacuum carpets and rugs thoroughly, and don't forget to vacuum under furniture.

  4. Polish Furniture: Polish wooden furniture to restore its shine.

  5. Dispose of Unwanted Items: Dispose of any unwanted items or trash.


  1. Toilet: Clean and disinfect the toilet bowl, seat, and exterior.

  2. Shower and Tub: Scrub the shower walls, tub, and fixtures to remove any soap scum or mildew.

  3. Sink and Vanity: Wipe down the sink and vanity, ensuring they're free of toothpaste residue and water spots.

  4. Mirrors: Clean mirrors with a glass cleaner to ensure they're sparkling.

  5. Floor: Sweep and mop the floor, paying extra attention to any grout lines.


  1. Light Fixtures: Dust and wipe down light fixtures and ceiling fans.

  2. Switches and doorknobs throughout the house to eliminate any lingering germs.

  3. Baseboards: Wipe down baseboards to remove dust and dirt buildup.

  4. Air Vents: Vacuum or wipe down air vents to ensure proper airflow.

  5. Curtains and Blinds: Dust or wash curtains and wipe down blinds to remove any accumulated dust.

  6. Carpets and Upholstery: Consider steam cleaning carpets and upholstery for a deep clean.

  7. Trash Removal: Empty all trash bins and dispose of any remaining garbage.

  8. Final Walkthrough: Conduct a final walkthrough of the entire house to spot any missed areas or overlooked cleaning tasks.

Additional Tips:

  • Delegate Tasks: If you have friends or family helping with the move, delegate cleaning tasks to make the process more efficient.

  • Use the Right Products: Choose cleaning products suitable for each surface to avoid damage.

  • Start Early: Begin cleaning well in advance of your move-out date to avoid last-minute stress.

  • Be Thorough: Take your time and be thorough in your cleaning efforts to ensure you leave the space in top-notch condition.

By following this comprehensive final cleaning checklist, you can ensure that your old home is left sparkling clean for its new occupants. Leaving behind a well-maintained and tidy space not only helps you fulfill your obligations as a responsible tenant but also sets a positive tone for your transition to a new chapter in life. So roll up your sleeves, gather your cleaning supplies, and get ready to bid farewell to your old abode with confidence!

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